chocolate products

Chocolate Products

We deal in:

  • Pure and Compound Dark Chocolate Slabs
  • Pure and Compound Milk Chocolate Slabs
  • Chocolate Paste

Chocolate is made from cocoa mass, with sugar, cocoa butter and, optionally, milk added. The resulting mixture is rolled and ‘conched’. Conching is a treatment whereby chocolate is kept in continuous movement to allow the cocoa mass to thicken and to develop into a homogenous substance. This process also allows volatile acids to escape, whereby the aroma is improved. Conching lasts for a number of hours. The name originates from the shell-shaped container in which the treatment took place in former days ('concha' being the Spanish word for shell). Depending on the desired taste, other ingredients may be added.

Finally, the hot chocolate mass must be allowed to cool slowly. This process, called 'tempering', is important for the right crystallization of the cocoa butter. After tempering, the chocolate can be poured into any desired form and hardened. During the hardening process the volume of the chocolate is reduced, allowing the chocolate to come out of the mould automatically.

White chocolate is made in a manner similar to "ordinary" chocolate, the only difference being that white chocolate does not contain any chocolate mass; just cocoa butter, sugar, milk and vanilla.