lavours for Food and  Pharma Industry

Flavours for Food and Pharma Industry

Our forte lies in its flavours - varied, rich and of the finest quality. The company lends it unique flavours to Food & Beverages, Chocolates & Ice creams, Dairy, Confectionery. Conform to global standards, flavours that are well appreciated across industries.

Food & Beverages Flavours

Food & Beverage flavours range from the typical natural ones to the new age ones. That lingering flavour of soups and cheese pastas? Or that inviting flavour of heady sweet drinks? We supply timeless flavours that sizzle the palates of our clients' customers. With a range of well-loved sweet and savoury flavours that add zing to snacks, soups and sauces, we give a delicious edge to food & beverages across the spectrum.

Chocolates and Ice Creams Flavours

The success of any brand of chocolate or ice cream is the result of its yummy flavour and consumers prefer to choose the best flavours. The variety of flavours in chocolates and ice creams are limited only by imagination and new variants can be created by introducing new combinations.

Dairy Flavours

We offer rich traditional as well as new dairy flavours. Applications of our dairy flavours range from butter, cheese spread to ice-cream, yogurt and cream. Dairy solutions, have simple ingredients, that work as milk and butter substitutes. We have milk substitutes like Almond Milk, Oat Milk, Soy Milk and Multi-grain Milk. Butter substitutes include Soy Margarine and Cocoa Butter

Confectionary Flavours

Our applications of confectionery flavours range from jellies to hard candies to chewing gum. Each of the specialty flavours are of very high quality and give the specific item a very rich taste. Most often, the flavour of the confectionery item decides its taste.


Customized and special flavours are needed by the pharmaceutical industry to mask bitterness of medicines. Most of the ingredients in medicines have very strong and unacceptable tastes. Available in liquid and dry powder formats, these flavours help disguise and reduce bitterness in a formulation, thus making it more palatable to consumers.